Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trip to the Beach

Miriam likes the beach. She likes the sand and the sun and the shells.

She also had fun being the favorite team member at the retreat. Now she's catching up on her sleep.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She's growing

Miriam can now play with toys. She grasps things and enjoys manipulating things with her hands. Thanks to her Auntie, she has a lovely exersaucer. She's sleeping well, and she's eating solid foods for the first time. Our little girl is growing up.

Her baptism is going to be on Divine Mercy Sunday after the 11:45 mass at Holy Family. Hope you all can attend. Her gown was made from my wedding gown. I'll get a picture of it in a future post.

Tyrone and I have both developed hand problems from picking her up so much. Tyrone needed to go to the doctor and receive a cortozone injection and a brace!

The confirmation retreat is this weekend and I'm scared! Last year we got enough sleep most nights and went to the gym regularly. Tyrone still was aching from the jumping around and dancing for days after the retreat. It took us a week to recover last year. This year we have a new baby. We are already sleep-deprived and we don't go to the gym anymore. Please pray for us!

Miriam is going to retreat with us. She loved it last year with me jumping around for her. This year she gets to experience it up close!

I had other pictures of Miriam to post, but, since there are no filters on this site, I'm going to put them on facebook. She's getting bigger and so pretty. I only want those close to us to see. Please post in comments if you want us to send you pix personally via email. Otherwise, I'm going to not put more pix of her up on this site.