Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Baby's Gender

As most of you know, we have held off on knowing the baby's gender. I have been a bit impatient and last night tried to figure it out. I put my wedding ring on a piece of string and suspended it over my belly via a music stand. I waited for movement (circular for girl, linear for a boy). Guess what!

Bupkiss. Nadda. Ziltch. The darn thing just hung there. The baby was kicking and rolling the whole time, if there was an energy to move the ring, it would have done so. So much for that.

We found all sorts of myths about determining the gender, but alas, they all seem to contradict one another. The baby's heartrate is strong and within normal range, according to many predictors, it's a boy because of this. Other myths put this heartrate in the girl range. A friend of mine just had a baby girl and she carried a huge basketball-like pregnancy. According to "the old wives", she should have had a boy, but she did not. Ty's mom wasn't protruding very much when she had him, but was for Dorinda, this also goes against the prevailing myth of gender determination.

This week's poll will see how good you all are at guessing.

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Sue said...

I missed out on the poll! Here's another old wivestale/gender predictor: have you had a lot of heartburn? Yes = boy, no = girl? I should have bought stock in Tums!