Monday, August 9, 2010

Kids Echo $1 Sale TOMORROW!

Pink cotton dress with smocking and embroidery, $5
Kids Echo, an awesome consignment shot, is having their $1 sale in 7 days, beginning at 10am.  You can get $100 dresses for $1, rompers for boys for $1.  Almost every item of clothing is a dollar (some handmade items are not eligible, but there are just a few of those things, less than 1%.
Red and white dress with lady bug applique $3

For $100, you could outfit a child for 3-5 years of warm weather clothing!  Think about it!

There are some very precious children about to be born into our lives and they are boys.  I'm going to hit those racks hard and get stuff for the next 2 years for them.  Their grandparents are dear friends of ours, and we want them to have a full set of clothing for their grandbabies to wear when they visit.

Chara is growing up fast too.  Miriam will be in 2T's next year, that means her cousin will be in 3's.  I can really do well with their clothing and have gifts ready when birthdays come up.  I was in there the other day and there was a beautiful spring coat with a fancy lining and pretty cut.  I didn't want someone to buy it before the $1 sale, so I got it for $9.

Here's the skinny!

  • 182 Middleboro Road (Route 18), East Freetown
  • 508-763-2744
  • Get there at 9:30 and wait.  Good stuff goes first.
  • Toys and accessories are NOT on sale, so go for those anytime.  You can get a travel system (car seat and nice stroller) for under $80.  
  • Know what you want first, so go this week.  
  • If the items you want are under $6 this week, just get them now.  This week is 75% off!  Do the math.

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