Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deathbed Conversion

My mother is nearing the end of her life.  To be honest, we are all surprised that she's still with us.  She's nearing her end, and, a few days ago, she decided that she would not put off her spiritual life any more. 

She was Chrismated into the Eastern Orthodox Church.  I was floored.  This woman, who had been an atheist, was now embracing Christ.  This followed other severe changes for the good.  In the past few years she's embraced The Culture of Life, released pride and prejudice, showered forgiveness and asked for it too.  Her soul is a glistening diamond now, ready for Heaven.  I am just so floored by this transformation, I cannot tell you. 

When Carol George dies,she will be in a state of complete, spiritual health, cured of all ailments that really matter. 

God be with her always.  Mom, I'm looking forward to your intercessions.  Thank you for forgiving my lack of faith in you.  You are so dear.  I will miss you.

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