Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Morning Sickness

I've got morning sickness! There's not a lot of vomiting involved, but there are many near-misses, and some memorable stories. Here are two.

Valentine's Day

Tyrone took me out for a lovely 4-course dinner at a local restaurant, and we had a lovely time. He showered me with thoughtful gifts, got me flowers earlier that day (delivered!), and was generally wonderful. We planned to see a movie after dinner, but I started to feel queasy right after dinner and said that it's probably a better idea to watch something at home. No sooner were we in the door, but my dinner was in the garbage can. Ty took out the trash and proceeded to get me some ginger ale and saltines. He wasn't angry that our beautiful Valentine's Day was ruined. He was just sweet. It made me love him all the more.

Coming Home

We took a trip to Maine (one overnight) to see a friend. Upon entering the house, I was slammed with the smell of the cat box and ran for the bedroom and shut the door. As I wretched over the garbage can, Ty cleaned the cat boxes and aired the condo. I ended up keeping my food down, but it was highly unpleasant.

Suzanne's Morning Sickness Prevention Tips

  • Exercise: if I workout hard every other day and moderately every other day, I am more regulated with my hormones and get less sick
  • Eat something sour and some protein to begin a meal: Pickles, water with lots of lemon, salad with oil/vinegar, and and egg or piece of cheese will settle my tummy
  • Small Meals: 1-1.5 cups of food. NO MORE!!!
  • No fried food, no chocolate, no coffee, no refined carbs unless it's ice cream

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