Sunday, February 8, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire!

Virtually every other film available in the theaters is drivel, shallow, uninteresting, lobotomized, trash, in comparison. Do not waste your money on garbage, the economy is too crappy. SEE THIS FILM!

I insisted that we see this movie on our date last night, and Tyrone wasn't sure.

"Is it a gangster thing?" he said.
"No, Bollywood," I said.
He crinkled his nose, but went anyway to please me. (I get away with everything just because I'm pregnant. Sweeeeeeeet)

After the film, with tears in his eyes, he agreed that he should have trusted Mark Kermode's review more. Click on the link to hear what The Good Doctor has to say about a film you might be interested in seeing.

  • This is NOT an easy film to watch, especially if you have never seen poverty before.
  • This is a film that will leave you feeling wonderful, but it's NOT a "feel good" movie.
  • The love story is beautiful, but it ain't Disney. Don't expect roses and perfection.
  • This film is for adults, kids won't understand. Respect the rating!

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