Monday, March 30, 2009

Drugs are bad M'kay

We've all heard this mantra from adults, government, and yes, Nancy Reagan. But let's make a decision to not use illegal substances until they are legal, regulated, and taxed.

There are probably 10-100 or so readers of this blog, most of them have probably tried pot and other illegal drugs in their lives. If we all choose not to use this stuff, a huge financial incentive for drug lords will vanish.

The recent uptick in violence at the Mexico/US boarder shows the kind of people we support when we light a joint. We support kidnappers, mass-rapists, and torturers. We support the corrupt Mexican police, child slavery, and other horrors that we never see but cheerfully fund.

I remember driving around several sheet-covered bodies with new sneakers peaking out, during my life in Los Angeles. These kids ran drug deals for older drug lords. Kids are used because their jail sentences would be less harsh. Taking drugs kills kids.

Save your money. Save your health. Save lives, M'kay?

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