Friday, March 27, 2009

Housing help?

We are trying to sell our condo. Please pray for us.

I wrote to my Washington DC representatives. So far, I've only heard back from Barney Frank. His rep, Lisa, agreed that families like ours, buying larger homes, are exactly the types of people who will help the economy get going again. She also said that there are no pieces of legislation that could help us, since we are current on all bills. She said that "if Countrywide drags its feet answering you, should you have a buyer, please contact the Congressman's office. We can call them. This can be very helpful."

The Obama administration is allowing citizens to submit questions. I was going to contribute one, but there were already many people who had submitted questions that were similar. There is outrage among our people about responsibility and home ownership. Some of them were...

"Why do I need to fall behind in payments before I get help?"
"Why do banks still approve people for mortgages that they cannot afford. We were approved for $450,000 and we know we can only afford $230,000"
"Where is the help for people who have been current with their payments, but are underwater?"

Let's see what happens. The first order of business to to stop people from becoming homeless. Help for our family will be in phase two, getting the economy rolling again.

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TonyG said...

Countrywide? They suck. I work for the nation's most solvent lender, call me and i might even have a discount you can use.