Monday, August 11, 2008

Hotels for You

I just secured a block of hotel rooms at the Marriot Residence Inn in Worcester. The hotel is less than a mile from the cathedral and reception site. It offers many cool amenities.
  • continental breakfast
  • pool table right next to the bar right next to the door outside (where you can smoke, I can see Jim smiling)
  • laundry facilities
  • full kitchen with utensils and dishes
  • extra comfy beds and linens
  • spacious rooms with luxurious seating
  • a low, negotiated price of $135/night for our wedding guests (a link will be posted on the right side bar. You will be able to click it and make your reservations)
The room depicted here is the studio suite. The one bedroom suite is the same size but it has a wall and door to separate the bedroom from the sitting room.

Ladies, if your husband is a groomsman, consider coming to Worcester on Friday night to hang out with the girls (informal, no gifts or official anything). You could then get pampered at the spa on Saturday morning while your husband is driving with Ty and the gang.

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