Sunday, August 3, 2008


Tyrone and I have visited several stores in the hope of building a registry. Thus far we've had little luck with brick and morter stores. We decided to register at Lowes and Amazon.

Amazon is an all-purpose, get-anything type of registry. The problem with it is that prices are generally cheaper at physical stores. This has troubled us. Here's an alternate route.

  1. see what we want on Amazon
  2. find it at Sears for a lot less
  3. email me and tell me you got it and I'll take it off my registry
Lowes is great! We found awesome appliances. We wanted to register for a stove cooktop, dishwasher, fridge, lighting fixtures, and other things, but our house will determine what we'll need.

The house we were eyeing in Lakeville was snatched up. Drat! We have our eye on a few others.

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