Thursday, July 24, 2008

Emergency Pampering

Virtually all of my bridesmaids don't take enough time to pamper and care for themselves. Audrey's attack is the fruit of such neglect.

Ladies, it's up to us to support and care for one another. It's also our responsibility to lovingly dope-slap those who lose sight of self-care and self-nurturing.

Being made of this same mold, I'm making pampering the #1 priority of my wedding morning. I would like to treat all the bridal attendants to a massage and a manicure at a salon. They will provide a light lunch. If you'd like to have them do your hair into a fabulous up-do, please call and arrange that. I cannot afford this for you all, but they have very reasonable rates. The massages and manicures are my gift to you.

October 11 will go by so quickly, ladies. Let's take a few moments to enjoy some quiet comforts before the party.

I will be sending you letters after the invitations go out.

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