Friday, July 18, 2008

Let's Get Started

Hello Everyone, It's Suzanne,

I just got off the phone with Maria and I realized that I need to set up this blog to keep everyone informed about the wedding plans. Here is how things stand so far.

  • We've hired Jean's Catering to do our wedding. They are not wedding consultants, they are vendors. This system tells us what we're spending up-front and takes the worry out of the day. It also takes loads of pressure off those we love. Check it out.
  • We are currently designing the invitations. If you would like to help assemble the invitations with us in early August, please respond with a comment.
  • I need to decide which dress to wear. My mother recently offered her very beautiful dress, but I had already bought one and was working to find material for sleeves. Tyrone doesn't want to see the dress before the wedding, so I can't post pictures here. I'll email you a picture if you like. Let me know.
  • I would like to take my bridesmaids out for some pampering in lieu of a wrapped gift. If you would like to stop by Worcester and have a massage or other pampering as part of my research, please let me know. It's hard work, but somebody's got to do it.

We would appreciate any words of wisdom as we embark on our life together. Handy tips about planning the wedding wouldn't go amiss either.


Maria said...

Dear Suzanne,

What fall colors do you want us to choose? I think we can all avoid strapless gowns. I think you want gowns yes? You can send us all photos of your wedding gown options on our regular emails to avoid Ty seeing the dress. When in early August are you doing invitations.

Suzanne G. and Tyrone G. said...

Hi Mria,

How does August 2 sound for invitations?

Fall colors include, red, yellow, orange, burgundy, rust, navy blue, deep green, sage green, brown, gold, and the like. I think we'll all look great if we try to have solid colors.

I'll be talking to Father Adam and Father Michael about who will be standing during the ceremony and who will be sitting. I know that during the betrothal, all will stand, including parents of bride and groom. I'd like to give the children a break during the actual wedding.

What are your thoughts. I don't want to torture anyone who cannot stand for an hour.