Saturday, September 20, 2008

The importance of reply cards!!!!

Reply cards are an important part of planning our wedding. This is the journey of a reply card to Suzanne and Ty's wedding.

  1. Ty picks up the card in the mail.
  2. He notes the name and the number of people accepting or not accepting the invitation.
  3. He hands the card to Suzanne when he sees her.
  4. Suzanne mixes up her inks and chooses a painted "leaf" that will fit the name well.
  5. Suzanne writes each name in calligraphy on the leaf (place card)
  6. Each leaf has a toothpick affixed to it and is catalogued in alphabetical order for later.
  7. The leaves are used to make seating plans
The caterer needs solid numbers because final payment for the wedding is due next week. After that time, no new names will be added to the guest list. If you have a response card and plan on attending the wedding, PLEASE get it in within the next few days. We want to be able to have a meal for you, but we need that card to do so.

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