Monday, September 1, 2008

O my God! They chose Maryanne!

Ask any man, "Who do you prefer, Maryanne or Ginger?," and they will choose Maryanne 10 to 1. She's got that hometown girl aura. She's approachable. She's friendly.

Recently, I overheard two men discussing John McCain's selection of running-mate. "She's sexy," said one. "Yeah, she's got that school-teacher/librarian thing goin' on," said the other. They smirked and continued to drink their sodas.
I butted in. "O my God! She's Maryanne!"
The men smiled and nodded with satisfaction. "Yes, she is," they said together dreamily.

One of those men was Tyrone.

My thoughts returned to the 1992 campaign when Dan Quayle was chosen to add sex appeal to the GOP ticket. This backfired because Bill Clinton and Al Gore were much sexier than either of their Republican rivals.

Now we have two campaigns using sex appeal to full advantage. On the democratic side, Obama. He's a gorgeous hunk of man with big ears (physical imperfection helps make the person more accessible. This is why Ginger is not as hot as Maryanne.) On the other side, Sarah Palin, the librarian-type that many men would like to "take a walk with, behind the stacks."

Why is this on their wedding blog?, you might ask.

Well, a few weeks ago, Tyrone and I were going over the basic personality types via Gilligan's Island. We both agreed that I'm more like Ginger and he is more like the Professor.

Now, I'm a wee-bit jealous of Sarah Palin.

(Also, I love politics and wanted an excuse to post about it. This also gives me the opportunity to put Ty's picture next to Obama and Denzel Washington. He's so dreamy!)

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