Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wedding Preparation Update


Bridesmaids: So far, none of them are hideous, in fact, they are quite beautiful. Anne has found a nice one in cranberry, Margaret has found a nice one in navy blue, Maria has a lovely burgundy number, Dorinda found a satin sheeth in burgundy satin, Cidalia will wear brown/copper satin. Audrey and Lisa are still deciding.

Since the men are wearing silver vests/ties, most ladies are opting for silver or metallic shoes. Dyed shoes are also being considered.

Mothers: Carol has chosen white/black linen for her dress. She will carry a small black evening bag which will be adorned with flowers. Christine is still deciding.
Flower girls: These young women have decided to wear pink, purple, and blue. They also have their own vision of the duties and responsibilities of flower girls. They want to hand people flowers as they walk down the aisles. (It was either Sophia's or Sage's idea, I forget which.) The florist will honor this wish and make their baskets full of flowers to hand out. The photographer loves this idea. "That's great!," she said. "Most of the time, the kids go too fast down the aisle." Ted may need to help the girls with this task.

The bridal gown: is ready!

The men have chosen a dapper tuxedo. The shop is, Tuxedos by Merian, and the person to contact is Peter at 508-824-3777. Most have been measured. Thanks, guys.

Decorations: We need some information from you. Please call or leave a comment below.
  • What is your favorite flower?
  • What flowers did your wife carry in her bridal bouquet?
  • Please send us pictures of you for the blog.
Tyrone found nice centerpieces at The Christmas Tree Shop. These will be surrounded by fresh autumn leaves and apples. There will also be a bumper crop of apples this year.

Suzanne has bought a silk flower each weak that she has exercised 3+ times since last year. These will be used by the florist to decorate the pews. Icons will also be decorated by the florist.

Music has been chosen for key points. "Love Theme" by Barry White will hail the entrance of the wedding party into the reception hall. It's a blast from the past. If you don't think of The Love Boat when you hear it, you must be under 35.

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