Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Time!

Labor is under way. With contractions 6 minutes apart and increasing in intensity, this will be my last post as an expectant mother. Ty will tweet from the hospital.

Since baby will probably come today, I just wanted to give you some visiting news. I can't wait to introduce you to Miriam or Raymond. You've all been so supportive and loving. Thus far, your prayers have also paid off. Labor has gently increased in intensity and has been merciful by letting me sleep.

Visiting the New Baby

Please keep your visit brief. I'll need to nurse very frequently and visits longer than 15 minutes (in the hospital) can interfere with that. If I am nursing when you arrive, just hang out down the hallway and the nurse will tell you when we're free.

If you are sick, please wait a few days to visit until you are 100% well again. I'm happy to receive visitors at the condo during the next days and weeks. Please keep in mind that I'll need to nurse frequently. Please gague your visit time via your comfort level with me nursing near you.

Keep praying for us. We're so psyched!

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