Monday, September 21, 2009

"Our Baby" Mad Libs

Jot down these words on a sheet of paper, then click on comments to read the mad libs you just created. While we are waiting, we might as well have some fun! If you write a good one, post it in comments.

1. number

2. number

3. date in Autumn

4. name of a hospital

5. adjective

6. adjective

7. verb ending in -ing
9. relative's name

10. exclaimation

11. name of another family member

12. adjective

8. adverb

13. another family member

14. boy or girl's name

1 comment:

Suzanne G. and Tyrone G. said...

After (number) hours of labor, weighing in at (number) pounds, our baby was born on (date in autumn) in (name of hospital).

Suzanne looked (adjtective) but (adjective). Tyrone couldn't stop (verb ending in -ing). The grandparents were smiling (adverb).

(relative) said (exclamation) when they heard the news. Seeing the baby for the first time (another family member) said, "Gee, what a(n) (adjective) baby." (another family member) smiled and said, "I'm just glad they named it (boy or girls' name).