Friday, September 25, 2009

O Where o where has my little babe gone?

Well, most of you were wrong on the last poll. It's the 25th and still no birth. I also messed up on the dates I gave you and made it impossible for you to be right if the baby is born on September 26 or 30. Sorry about that. Please vote again in this new and improved poll. I've also made up another mad libs about the birth, enjoy!

1. Location in Taunton
2. Verb ending in -ing
3. your name
4. verb ending in -ing
5. exclamation
6. adjective
7. your name
8. exclamation
9. person in healthcare field
10 adjective
11. emotion
12. number
13. adjective
14. adjective

1 comment:

Suzanne G. and Tyrone G. said...

Well, it finally happened. Tyrone was at (location) (verb-ing) when Suzanne was with (your name) (verb-ing) when the first labor pain hit.

"(exclamation)", said Suzanne, "What a (adjective) feeling."

"You should call Tyrone," said (your name), "He'll want to know."

Suzanne called Ty, "(exclamation", said Ty. "I'll be here in a flash. Call (person in healthcare field). Everything will be (adj). I (emotion) you."

The baby was born (#) days late and was absolutely (adj) and (adj). hallelulia