Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Pictures!

Our photographer went on a 3-week vacation on October 13, so our pictures and even our names are not on the photography site yet. I am in touch with the studio and trying to rectify the situation. I'd like our names to be up there so you can get email notice when the pictures go up.

In the meantime, friends have given us photos of the wedding and we are sharing them with you in installments. Enjoy!

This batch is photos taken just before the wedding. The men just dressed, the flowers being pinned, the bride waiting at the Narthex with mom and dad.

Please take note of Darren's brilliant smile. How adorable is Tyrone in his tux?!!! Paul is sweet as he helps Ben get his tux and flowers just so. We don't have any pictures of the ladies primping, but will get them to you as soon as we have them.

A thank you note has been given to the choir. We have passed along your good reviews of their performance. I must admit, the singing made the wedding glisten.

Father Paul, of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Melekite Catholic Church, was instrumental in helping the photographer get into the best places for wedding. He also gave a beautiful reading of the epistle for the wedding. At the reception, Tyrone and I were touched by Father Paul's comments. "You were so into it," he said. "So many couples are under such stress, that they don't appreciate the ceremony as it happens, but you two were right there the whole time." Thank you, Father Paul.

In the next post we'll share pictures of the betrothal ceremony and the entrance into the Nave of the wedding party and Ty and Suzanne.

Please email us more photos.

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