Monday, October 6, 2008

Seating Plans

We did the seating last night. Our goal was to make you comfortable, while introducing you to new people we think you'll enjoy.

You will each have an apple with your name and table number. The apples are all different, not like the uniform ones shown here.

We have a "Doctor Table" for those with PhD's and other educators. There is a "Men in Black" table, where the clergy will be seated, it's a mix of Antioch, Rome, Constantinople, and a little bit of USA. There's an "I love to talk about Religion" table, here we seated friends who are Orthodox and Catholic who are respectful of others' beliefs, but lovingly passionate about their own. Most tables are simply "Family" tables.

There are two head tables, one on the dais and one on the dance floor. The lower table will be struck after dinner for the dancing. Those people will join other tables after they eat.

I was fretting about my wedding slippers. I spoke with Isotoner, and they will get them to me by Wednesday.

I spoke with Kevin. He's done with the pew decorations and doesn't want me to fret or work too hard. If you are helping with him, your jobs will be lite.

The Jordan Almonds are a pain. We cannot get the pretty ones in fall colors that I had hoped. Darn! We'll settle for white.

Examine the girls!!!!! I saw Olivia Newton John on TV today, she's spreading awareness about breast cancer and self-exams. Ladies, examine yourselves! You're about to display your gorgeousness in pretty dresses at the wedding. Please insure that you'll be healthy and alive for the next wedding. Click on a link in this paragraph or stop by a Curves to pick up a kit on breast self-exam.

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