Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smelling the Roses

Most of you probably already know that Tyrone's personality is very very different from my own. He's much more laid back. He has more faith that details will just work themselves out. There's a reason God chose him for me. He balances me.

The past few weeks, I've been worrying and fretting about the move, finances, festivities, seating plans, and other details. I haven't enjoyed this time as I should I haven't allowed myself to do something I'm famous for; stopping and smelling the roses. No matter what, I've always been able to detach from my stresses and notice flowers, sunsets, smiles, and beauty. I need to reconnect with that part of my core.

There's just one week left of the old life. Just one week to enjoy the engagement and court Tyrone. I don't want to blow it.

  • I will make time for daily prayer instead of forcing myself to finish seating plans.
  • I will regularly just sit with Tyrone in silence and look in his eyes without wedding agenda or moving woes
  • I will appreciate the joys of school more. Today an autistic boy had a wonderful verbal breakthrough, he was so cute, I thought I'd burst. We collected leaves for the reception during recess. I got lots of hugs. The kids practiced calling me Mrs. GG. They liked the way it sounded when they sung it. It made them giggle.
If you see me, please don't hesitate to remind me to stop and smell the roses.

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