Thursday, October 9, 2008

Odds and Ends

Andover Montessori School Faculty: Gave Tyrone and me a wonderful surprise cake and gift. It was very touching. Thank you so much!

Margaret Boisvert: is arriving today! Hurray! She was a cyberhead at the shower. Now she'll be incarnate! I can't wait to see her.

Kevin the Florist: is in Boston today, picking up the flowers for the wedding. I'm so excited.

The apples are shined and ready for transport. The place cards are loaded into a box and with the apples. There are a few people whose names we never got. They will have a place at a table, but no card to show them the way.

I'm moving out: and to the hotel in Worcester. Hurray! It's getting so close.

Pre-Schoolers' Wedding Ideas: The following are conversations which I had with real pre-schoolers this week. Enjoy!

Keeping Guest List managable
(little girls on the playground)

"Can we come to the wedding? Yeah, can we, can we?"

"I wish I could have you there, but the guest lists were in a few months ago. It would be cool to have 50 flower girls though."

"Yeah, we wanna come. We'll only eat cake, don't worry."

"It's in Worcester."

"That's too far, never mind."

Adult Playdates
(little girls at lunch)

"Miss George, Miss GG, Misses GG, we want a playdate with you."

"I can't, I need to get married first."

"Can we have a playdate after?"

"I need to have a long playdate with my new husband. When you get married, you get to take a really long and fun playdate with your husband. It's called a honeymoon."

"Oh yeah, I heard of that." "Me too" "Me three"

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